Stand Out as a Top Theme Park Engineering Candidate

Theme park engineers genuinely have dream jobs. These talented engineers use their creativity and expertise to craft structures that amuse, delight and entertain. So, how do these dream makers stand out from the competition?

Tips to Shine: How Theme Park Engineers Can Stand Out

Showcase Creativity

One of the most critical skills of a theme park engineer is creativity. When assembling a portfolio, put your best foot forward and make sure your creativity is on display. Choose examples that show “out-of-the-box” thinking to set you apart from other engineers. Focus on elements such as artistry and conceptual design. Highlight situations where you turned a narrative into a reality.

Demonstrate an Ability to Embrace New Technologies

For many engineers, part of their creative process involves the use of new and emerging technologies. Per Professor Brendan Walker, a “thrill engineer” in the UK, “new technology comes very quickly, and the parks are very quick to embrace it because it is exciting and can add to the ride experience.” Thus, theme park engineers should note emerging technologies they are familiar with and how they are incorporating them into their work, especially any hands-on experience with practices such as virtual reality.

Highlight Past Projects: Use a Project Summary 

When looking at your portfolio, make sure you are highlighting your past projects. Be sure to include a short summary of program management aspects of your projects as well. Did you come in under budget? Did you meet your delivery milestones? Did you have any compliance or permit issues, and if so how did you address them? These summaries allow prospective employers to get a look beyond the artistry and focus on how you would execute your vision.

Focus on Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance when creating theme park rides. The recent criminal charges against the creator of a record-setting 17-story waterslide that caused the death of a 10-year-old boy highlights this concern. Theme park engineers who show a commitment to safety in their designs will always stand out. While this may seem obvious, it’s best to reinforce this essential aspect of theme park engineering with stories and examples that tout your dedication to safety.

Moving Forward

There are several ways theme park engineers can stand out from the crowd. Focusing on showcasing creativity, technology familiarization, past performance and safety are surefire ways to get the attention of any hiring manager. When the time comes to find your next inspiration, turn to the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing. At PEAK Technical Staffing, we have the industry connections and experience to place our theme park engineering candidates in the roles of their dreams, turning their dreams into reality.

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