How to Stand Out as a Top Business Intelligence Consultant

While there may be a shortage of skilled Business Intelligence professionals in the market, competition for business intelligence consulting jobs is still fierce. Consulting is a great way to earn a living while focusing on the skills you enjoy using the most, but if you don’t differentiate yourself in the hiring process, you won’t keep your schedule full. Use these tips to stand out as a top BI consultant.

Demonstrate BI Expertise

Hiring managers look for two critical factors when interviewing potential consultants for a project. First, they want data experts. You must demonstrate your expertise in best practices in areas like database design, ETL and report development. If you are a subject matter expert in one BI skill the company is looking for, put that on full display.

The second thing they will be looking for is industry expertise. While it is possible to work in different industries throughout a BI consulting career, you can differentiate yourself by focusing on one particular industry. Remember, the name “business intelligence” is all about business. If you have a firm grasp of the industry in which the company operates, you will be able to make stronger decision-making recommendations.

Showcase Your Soft Skills

Your technical BI knowledge will be the most crucial factor in whether you are hired for a project, but make no mistake, your soft skills matter as well. BI consultants must communicate successfully with both technical and non-technical people at the organization. Showcasing the ability to talk about highly technical concepts with non-technical leaders and staff members will make you stand out from the competition.

Other important soft skills to focus on in your cover letter, resume and interviews include:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • A willingness to ask questions
  • Organizational skills
  • Strong writing skills

Always remember that as a consultant, you will not work in a bubble. You’ll be interacting with people every single day, so always be prepared to showcase your interpersonal skills.

Work with a BI Recruiting Expert

Consulting can provide endless career opportunities and the chance to achieve strong work-life balance. But keeping your schedule full can be a hassle. It’s hard to concentrate on a project if you’re worried about booking your next job.

Working with a BI recruiter can remove much of that stress. Recruiters will work with you to understand the types of companies you enjoy working for and the types of projects you want to be a part of. They will connect you with opportunities for you to use your skills, make a real contribution and achieve your goals. Additionally, they will work as your advocate with hiring managers, positioning you as the best candidate for the role.

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