How Can You Hire the Right Candidate, Every Time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate bad hires from your organization? If every single engineering candidate you chose was a rock star on the job and stayed with the organization for years and years? Yes, it would be nice, but in today’s environment, bad hires are all too common. Whether your hiring process is rushed, you’re operating from a place of desperation, you aren’t attracting the right candidates or you’re hiring great people who don’t last – you need some help to make your process more effective. Use these strategies to hire the right candidate every time.

Be Clear about Who and What You’re Looking for

Many hiring managers use an outdated job description and a vague list of wants and needs from a manager. This is no way to conduct a thorough search. When a position opens, make sure the description you have is updated, and sit down with the manager to talk about the hard skills, soft skills and qualifications that a successful candidate should have. If the manager is vague, have them describe the types of people who have been successful in the role in the past, and the types of people who have failed.


It’s easy to skip over prescreening when you’re interviewing for technical and highly skilled positions like engineers. However, prescreening can save you a lot of time in the face-to-face interview phase by weeding out unfit candidates. No matter what the role, always make time to prescreen candidates.

Conduct Thorough Reference Checks

Equally important as prescreening at the start of the process is reference checking towards the end of the process. References are the best way to verify your feelings about an engineering candidate’s ability to do the job and mesh well with the culture of the organization. Someone may seem like a great choice on paper, but only by verifying relevant details through reference checking can you be sure you’re making the right choice.

Recruit Passive Candidates

The truth is, active engineering candidates aren’t always the best choice for a position. The best and the brightest are typically already employed and are not actively seeking a new role. It is critical to continually build and maintain relationships with talented engineers, so you can recruit them when a position opens.

Work with an Engineering Recruiter

The truth is, conducting a thorough search that results in a strong match takes a lot of time and resources, and most internal HR teams are stretched beyond their limits. If you want to hire the right engineering candidate, every time, it pays to establish a strategic partnership with a recruiting expert. The right recruiter can shorten your time to hire while eliminating hiring risks.

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