Evaluating An Offer

Congratulations, you received the job offer! Before you accept, however, it is critical to evaluate that offer to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and whether or not the offer aligns with your expectations.  Here are the things to consider before you say yes.

Get It In Writing

First and foremost, the job offer should be sent to you in writing, along with a job description. That job description should lay out the responsibilities of the job and the metrics by which your performance will be judged. Make sure that the offer includes your start date, salary, benefits and other key points you negotiated throughout the interview process.

Make Sure You Know What You Will Be Doing

Make sure that the job title in the offer letter matches the job description and that the description aligns with your understanding of the job based on your interviews. Also, be certain you are clear on success metrics for the role. You want to be confident that you understand the way you will be evaluated during your first few weeks and months on the job.

Once you are positive that you are clear on the role, ask yourself if you really will be happy in that role. Sometimes, people get so caught up in the thought of earning more or they are so flattered by the offer itself that they forget to reflect on whether they truly want that job or will be happy with that organization.

Ask Questions

You still have time to ask questions if you need any clarification whatsoever, especially if something in the offer doesn’t quite match up to the things you discussed in your interview. Hiring managers should be happy to answer any and all of your questions. Before you accept, be very clear on how you are getting paid, how much you are getting paid, how much time you have off and what your formal benefits are. The language in these areas can often be confusing, and misunderstandings can lead to real dissatisfaction once you’re on the job.

How To Make The Offer Process Run Smoothly

Evaluating offers can be almost as stressful as the rest of the interviewing process, unless you have an expert on your side. When you work with a niche recruiter, you can be confident that your offers will be thorough, will address the necessary points and will be clarified quickly if you have any questions.

Your recruiter will examine the offer first and ask the client to make any changes that might be necessary based on the promises made and the expectations established during interviews. When the recruiter sends you the offer, you have a “buffer” between you and your potential new employer to ask questions and discuss concerns. This can make the process much less stressful if you think the offer doesn’t match up to what you were told.

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