10 Traits of Top Tech Consultants

When you’re bringing on technical consultants, there are specific traits that set the top performers apart from average employees. Look for these specific skills and abilities to determine which candidates will bring the most to your organization.

Consider these traits found among top performers.

  1. Results-oriented. In tech, it’s possible to endlessly tinker with a project without reaching an end point. Tech leaders know when it’s time to wrap up a project and move onto the next.
  1. Improvement focused. Smart technical consultants know that their field is one that is constantly changing. They make efforts to continually remain up-to-date on the latest developments.
  1. Adaptable. Every new project and employer is a little different. Top tech consultants seamlessly fit into unfamiliar organizations and projects without missing a beat.
  1. Analytical. Successful tech consultants focus on numbers, metrics and data. They know the best decisions are made with an abundance of quantifiable information.
  1. Team player. Tech consultants are frequently called upon to work as part of a team. If this is a struggle they are unlikely to contribute as much to the project as they could have otherwise.
  1. Problem solver. Naturally, technical consultants are tasked with solving a particular problem. The best of them dig into not just the problem presented, but what approach will bring the desired results.
  1. Leadership. Consultants are often expected to take a leadership role on the job, even if they are not technically leading the project. The best consultants take ownership of their work and their collaboration with others.
  1. Assertiveness. You bring in technical consultants because you need their expertise to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you uncover an issue or need to bring up an important point.
  1. Communication skills. Consultants are often called upon to explain their progress or results to non-technical people. Look for consultants with this ability when you are considering technical help.
  1. Self-motivated. Consultants are expected to work independently with little supervision. Successful technical consultants will work productively and with integrity to get the project completed in the allotted time period or even quicker.

Finding a great technical consultant with all of these traits and more can be a challenge, but PEAK Technical Consulting has the expertise that can help. At PEAK, we have access to a qualified pool of top performers ready to meet any challenge. Contact one of our professional staffing members to streamline your search for technical talent.


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