Should You Have a Career Mentor?

As a technical professional, how important is it to your career that you have a mentor? If you are accustomed to working independently it might not occur to you to enlist outside help. But you may be surprised what a mentor can do for your career.

Consider these benefits of working with a mentor.

Get career advice. Currently, IT professionals are in great demand. There is no shortage of opportunities in the current market, which can create a hidden downside. When faced with a wealth of professional opportunities, how can you be sure to choose the right one? Do you grab a lucrative, but short-term opportunity now or choose a role with a long-range upside. A career mentor can advise you.

Receive constructive criticism. A good mentor will tell you what no one else will. It’s possible to offend others and even lose a job without ever understanding why. A mentor will be blunt with you and tell you where you’re going wrong and how to correct your course.

Bust through career plateaus. Many people think mentors are for career beginners, but even mid-level professionals can use a boost from a more seasoned colleague. If you’re having trouble reaching the next career level, a mentor can help you identify just what it is that has you stalled and develop an advancement strategy.

Leverage their network. A professional who has been in the workforce longer than you has a more highly developed network. Not only is their network expansive, it is likely well curated. Your mentor will have the professional experience to know who to add to their network and who to eliminate to keep it vital and productive.

Piggyback on their credentials. A mentor can make introductions on your behalf which can build your credibility quickly. It’s up to you to honor the relationship by living up to the high expectations created.

There are many ways a mentor can benefit your careers. Don’t hesitate to learn from those who have gone before you. Seek the guidance you need to reach your ultimate career goals. A trusted mentor can help you get to where you want to go. PEAK Technical Consulting can also offer you advice to help you land the right role or build a career strategy. Take a look at our current openings to get started; then contact us.


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