Qualities to Look for When Hiring Engineering Contractors

Companies that contract engineers for help meeting project deadlines or to add specialized skills often find they spend far too long on the screening process. By focusing on these four qualities, you can improve your odds of choosing the best candidate quickly, freeing you to get on with your other responsibilities. Consider these must-have competencies:

Job-specific skills

It’s a given that any engineering candidate who reaches the interviewing stage will have the technical qualifications required for the job. To narrow the field further, discuss specific current projects and ask the candidates for examples of when they worked on similar project. If they have no specific examples to present, ask them how they would approach the problem. Evaluate their response against your requirements and your successful incumbents.

Communication skills

An engineering contractor seldom works in a vacuum. To produce on the job, they must be able to interact effectively with those both inside and outside their department. They must not only “speak engineering” to collaborate with other engineers and understand the task at hand, they must also be able to translate complex, highly technical concepts to people for whom technical acumen does not come naturally.


Contracting by its nature requires engineers to embrace change. No two employers or projects are alike. Successful contractors must be able to adjust quickly. They must be prepared to meet tight deadlines, make do with limited resources and overcome obstacles. It’s not possible to anticipate what challenges each job brings, so they must be able to accept a degree of uncertainty.

Ability to learn quickly

When contractors accept a position, they bring a body of work to your organization; skills that they have honed and experience they’ve acquired. However, they still must learn the ins and outs of the assignment, the team and the company. The ideal candidate will bring a natural curiosity and an ability to easily assimilate new information.

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