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The Wall Street Journal reported that up to 80 percent of jobs are NEVER advertised—either online or anywhere else. In fact, many employers looking to fill critical openings don’t turn to job boards, classified ads, or other “traditional” job advertising. Instead, they network, they seek referrals, and they partner with recruiting agencies that specialize in their field.

The most coveted and rewarding IT positions aren’t advertised. If you want access to these opportunities, you need a partner that understands your field.

Here’s how a specialized recruiting agency can help.

Recruiters have a wide network.

It is not unusual for human resources professionals to weed through hundreds of responses to a job posting. If a recruiter has taken your information to the same professional and is available to represent you before you even interview, there is a good chance you’re going to find yourself at the top of the stack of qualified candidates. Rather than having to rely solely on your own network, you have an entire company’s networks to give you an assist.

Higher compensation.

It’s not unusual for consultants to be paid at a higher rate than full-time employees in the same or similar role. As a consultant, you can offer a targeted skill set. Since the skill set is needed for a specific project or a specific period of time and usually needed in a hurry, companies can stretch a little farther on salary. Premiums are the norm in consulting work. Recruiters know the industry standards and have more chances to compare company pay rates.

More flexibility.

If you need to take off for your cousin’s wedding in Jamaica for two weeks at the end of the year, a recruiter can be a great asset in working out the details of making your real life mesh with your work life. They can address any needs and even help bring in a pinch hitter to help fill any voids you might leave in your schedule. This is a big help with keeping employers happy and not feeling stuck in a schedule that doesn’t work for you. Consultants generally have more flexibility because they can choose whether or not to accept a project based on the timing. Recruiters can improve that process for everyone involved.

Experience with multiple companies. 

Recruiters can also steer you toward corporate cultures that are a good fit for you personally. They go beyond the skill set and help you hone in on companies that are aligned with your greater goals. They also match your prior experience with opportunities that will help you grow. Recruiters have access to a large cache of information, including specific opportunities, which may not be readily available to you alone.

If you have decided that a consultant position meets your current needs, whether long-term or project based, PEAK Technical Consulting will work with you to match you with the opening that meets your objectives. Search through some of our current offerings to see what peaks your interest.


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