Category: Tips for Hiring Managers

5 Outdated Recruiting Practices that Turn Off Top Engineers

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman If you haven’t updated your hiring process in a while, you may be hanging on to antiquated habits and procedures that actually hurt your ability to attract top engineering talent. Today’s job seekers want a transparent, inclusive process that provides a realistic preview of the job and the environment. They also expect… Read more »

Adapt or Fail: How to Tailor Your Hiring Process for the Contract Marketplace

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman When it comes to running an effective hiring process, one size does not fit all. You may lose talented engineering contractors to competitors unless you adapt your full-time hiring regimen to fit the fast-moving, task-oriented world of contract staffing. The traditional hiring process for regular, full-time engineers is time-intensive and focused on… Read more »

Build a Compelling EVP to Attract Top Engineering Talent

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Having a strong employee value proposition, or EVP, is critical when it comes to attracting, motivating and retaining talented engineering professionals who can positively impact your organization’s success. In fact, recent research indicates that middle market companies with compelling employer brands and EVPs averaged nearly three times more revenue growth than those… Read more »

How to Attract and Hire Creative Engineering Talent

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Engineers are naturally curious and resourceful problem-solvers who can handle most assignments with ease. But these days, managers are demanding even greater levels of creativity, due, in part, to the growth of new specialties such as robotics, 3D printing and the “Internet of Things.” So how can engineering managers screen candidates for… Read more »

Becoming a Client of Choice for Contract Engineers

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman If your engineering firm relies on contractors to meet its goals and objectives, making a concerted effort to become a “client of choice” could turn your organization into a talent magnet. LinkedIn’s Winning Talent report found that organizations that earned a reputation for being a great place to work enjoyed reduced turnover,… Read more »

Secrets to Competing with Google & Facebook for Top Technical Talent

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman When it comes to recruiting software engineers and developers, competing against the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple isn’t easy. These talent magnets have built robust brands and have become experts at enticing a new generation of contract and full-time workers. Before you raise the white flag, consider that several engineering managers… Read more »

Compensation Planning 2016: 4 Forecasts and Trends in Engineering

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman According to a recent survey by Electronic Design, nearly 51 percent of engineers reported that their companies were having a hard time finding qualified candidates. Couple that with the fact that only 64 percent of engineering professionals feel they are adequately compensated, and it’s easy to see why compensation planning needs to… Read more »

What Engineering Managers Need to Know About Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman On the surface, it seems like the passage of mandatory paid sick leave laws in some 25 jurisdictions might have little to no impact on engineering firms or their employees. But if you dive into the specific laws, you’ll find that employers, including staffing firms, need to comply with new notice and… Read more »

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