How to Find the Best Software Job Candidates in Any Job Market

There has been a lot of handwringing in the tech industry lately, as high-profile companies announce layoffs or hiring freezes. But the fact is that demand for software professionals only continues to grow year over year, with nearly 200,000 positions going unfilled because companies can’t find the right candidates. So you’re likely to face some stiff competition to fill your software positions. Try these tips to find the best software professionals in any job market.

Developing Objective Hiring Processes

Top software professionals want to work for a company that is fair, objective, and diverse. Put together a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) council composed of members from every level of your organization, and task them with identifying and addressing potential bias in your processes. Take active steps to make your hiring processes more objective, such as utilizing software that strips away such identifying information as the name of the college applicants attended. Develop a process that treats every applicant equally.

Focusing on Tech Assessments Rather Than Resumes

Resumes can give you a general overview of job applicants, but they can’t tell you whether a particular person genuinely has the right skills for the role. Instead of making hiring decisions based on resumes, give candidates the opportunity to show off their skills. This will accomplish two major goals. First, it lets you know if the applicant has the specific technical knowledge that the position requires. Second, it provides opportunities for non-traditional candidates, such as those who are self-taught, to compete with those who followed a more traditional path.

Prioritizing Soft Skills

Software professionals certainly need specific technical skills. But they also need a variety of soft skills, such as communication and leadership. Rather than dogmatically sticking to a list of required tech skills, consider which of those skills could be learned on the job. Then look for applicants who have strong basics, along with excellent soft skills.

Boosting Company Culture

To bring in the best software professionals, you’ll need to make sure your company culture is the best it can be. Survey your current team members to learn what they like and don’t like about working for you. Find ways to improve collaboration, reduce frustrations, and enhance innovation.

Investing in Employee Retention

You don’t necessarily need to fill every role from outside your company. Investing in your employees from Day One will give you a pipeline of qualified candidates to promote whenever a position opens. And showing this commitment to long-term employee growth can help you attract new hires who are eager to find a career rather than just a job.

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