5 Tips for Interviewing Candidates Over Video

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the way companies do business. One of the areas likely to see long-lasting change will be in-person job interviews. Even as we look to the future when social distancing is finally relaxed, it’s highly likely that businesses will continue remote interviewing not just to add a layer of protection but also to save time and access talent from other geographic locations. 

If you are new to video interviews, don’t be intimidated. With the right tools and preparation, you can be effective from a distance.  

1 – Invest in Reliable Software 

Video interviews can only succeed if you have the right software. It’s important not to cheap out on this – you want crisp, clear sound and picture and it must be simple to use for both you and your candidates. If you are looking for great software, we’ve put together this guide. 

2 – Communicate Well with Candidates  

Make sure to send candidates a link to their interview several days prior so that they have time to test that link and access codes. Confirm the time 24 hours beforegive them the names of the people they will be interviewing with and let them know if you expect them to share their screen, use whiteboarding software, or prepare any additional documents in advance.  

3 – Spend Time Breaking the Ice 

Most of us have gotten more comfortable with video chats since the start of social distancing, but it’s still not normal or comfortable for everyone. Spend a few extra minutes breaking the ice and easing into the conversation to help everyone relax.  

4 – Stick to Your Regular Structure 

You don’t have to change the structure of your interviews just because you are doing it via video. Stick to your usual questions and try not to get too far into the weeds just because you’re on video. If you are going to be interviewing with other members of your team, make sure everyone understands who is taking the lead so you aren’t talking over one another.  

5 – Cut Candidates Some Slack 

Unless someone lives alone or has their own dedicated home office, it’s difficult to find a comfortable, quiet place to sit down and conduct meetings right now. Most people are in their homes with several family members and it can be hard to find a noise-free location other than a car. As long as you can see and hear the candidate clearly, be flexible and focus on the substance of their answers and don’t hold it against them if a dog barks, a child runs into the room, or a spouse begins talking in the background.   

Also, cut candidates some slack if they experience technical issues. They can happen to anyone at any time, so don’t hold a frozen screen against someone. 

Could You Use Help with Video Interviews?  

Getting comfortable with remote interviews will take time, but if you are currently busy or you find that evaluating remote candidates is a challenge for your company, there is help available. PEAK Technical Staffing can help you fill engineering and technical job openings quickly, access skilled short-term employees and help you hire remote, full-time employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate this new normal.  


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