Having Trouble Sourcing Top IT Professionals?

The battle for top IT talent is intense and shows no signs of slowing any time in the future. Demand for high-level technical skills is on the rise and at the same time, the tech skill gap across the U.S. is widening. If you are having trouble sourcing top IT professionals for your organization, it’s time to consider a strategic staffing partnership to give yourself an edge over your competitors.

You Must Actively Seek Passive Candidates

One of the main reasons top IT professionals are so hard to find is the fact that the best and brightest are already employed. That means they aren’t scouring job boards to seek out new opportunities. However, it does not mean they can’t be wooed by an amazing opportunity with your organization. If you aren’t actively making connections with these passive candidates, you’re missing out on great people.

Many companies struggle to recruit passive candidates because it requires so much time and effort to build relationships with people who may never decide to work with you. Your HR team likely does not have the time to spend on passive recruiting. Niche IT recruiters are always building new connections with passive talent and they have the time, the resources and the know-how to strike when the iron is hot.

You Must Not Be Tempted to Hire Warm Bodies

When IT positions go unfilled, it puts a strain on the entire organization. Money and resources are flying out the window, and your existing staff is in danger of getting burned out. The stress and strain of unfilled positions leads many hiring managers to just grab a warm body and hope for the best. Unfortunately, a poor hiring choice can lead to even worse morale problems and more wasted money.

Expert IT recruiters can help you develop a strategic plan to cover these unfilled positions. In some cases, they may have the perfect full-time candidate, and in other cases they may connect you with a skilled, vetted, short-term consultant who can work successfully while you continue your search for a permanent replacement. Whatever the strategy, a recruiter can ensure you aren’t settling for someone who doesn’t meet the needs of the position.

You Must Treat Recruiting as a Proactive Activity

If you aren’t recruiting every day of the week, you’ll always be behind the eight ball in terms of sourcing top IT professionals. You need to build a pipeline of candidates so when a position opens, you are prepared to fill it, rather than working reactively once you’re in a bind. However, proactive recruiting takes time and resources that most companies simply do not have at their disposal.

A strategic IT staffing partner can help you create a long-term strategy for recruiting success. They can make your team more agile in its hiring process so one open position doesn’t set the entire team or the entire organization behind.

If you want to improve your IT hiring processes by working with a strategic technical staffing partner that can show results, has solutions for you. to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your recruiting goals.

About PEAK

PEAK Technical Consulting is a leading provider of IT and technical talent, offering contract staffing, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions throughout the United States. With nearly fifty years of technical recruiting experience, we are committed to delivering real value to our clients by providing the resources, support and solutions they need to succeed.

PEAK consistently delivers top talent for even tough-to-fill positions. See some of the IT jobs we have recently filled for our clients:

  • Finance Analyst
  • CRM Function Lead
  • IT Project Manager

If you are looking for skilled, experienced IT professionals to help your business grow and prosper, contact the IT recruiting experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today.


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