Why You Need a Staffing Partner to Hire Top IT Talent

If you have struggled to build a strong IT staff over the years, battled what feels like continual turnover, and pulled your hair out over impossible-to-close skill gaps, know this: You aren’t alone. Today’s technical hiring landscape is a jungle. Competition is high, talent is hard to find and sometimes it’s even harder to keep. If you want to overcome your IT hiring challenges this year, it might be time to build a strategic staffing partnership.

Talented Candidates Aren’t Seeking You Out

There is a shortage of skilled IT talent across the United States. Companies are struggling to find the best and brightest. It’s not because those people don’t exist, it’s because the vast majority of them are already employed. While it’s true that many talented people are actively looking for new opportunities, the odds of posting a job and connecting with those people at just the right time are slim.

Niche IT staffing firms develop and maintain long-standing relationships with technical professionals who take their career trajectory seriously. They may not be actively looking for a new job, but when the right opportunity arises, they are open to making a change. These types of relationships take years to build, and working with a staffing partner allows you to get your job in front of these candidates at the right time.

Open Positions Are a Drag on the Bottom Line and Morale

Every day that ticks by and an IT position goes unfilled, money is going down the drain. Not only are you spending time and resources on a candidate search, but your existing staff is pulling double-duty to cover the work. The longer this goes on, the unhappier your staff becomes. An unhappy IT employee is a poachable IT employee, which is how turnover breeds more turnover.

Successful IT recruiters can significantly shorten your time to hire, reducing strain on your team and ensuring optimal productivity. You don’t have to sift through an endless pool of resumes every day. Your recruiter will send you targeted, vetted and well-matched candidates you can evaluate thoroughly to make a strong hiring decision. The right recruiter can save you time, money and help you retain your existing talent.

Do You Have Time to Always Be Recruiting?

Even the best companies in the world with enviable company culture and a happy workforce experience turnover. People leave jobs for a number of reasons, and there is no way to eliminate turnover entirely. That means your internal team must engage in an ongoing cycle of recruitment. Add to that company expansions, baby boomer retirements, and skill gaps that arise with each advancement in technology, and the process can become overwhelming.

The right staffing partner can allow you to enjoy an agile hiring process that is efficient and accurate, no matter the circumstances. With their help, you can create an evolving workforce that responds quickly to change.

If you want to improve your IT hiring processes by working with a strategic staffing partner who can show real results, PEAK Technical Consulting can help. Contact us to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your recruiting goals.


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