Job Interview Bloopers

In our next newsletter, we’d like to feature any entertaining or educational stories you’d like to share about job interview bloopers.  These can be mistakes make by interviewers or by candidates.

Here are some actual examples (or at least we’ve been told they are true).  Can you top these?

During an interview a candidate said, “Do criminal charges show up on my record? I was charged with assault of a police officer but the charges were dropped because I was found not fit to stand trial.”

A male sales manager was about to complete what would have been a successful interview with an attractive woman. That was, until she asked, “Do you think you would like me to tie you up?” The manager abruptly terminated the interview.

A candidate was asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” He replied, “In your job.”  (He didn’t get the job.)

One HR manager claims they several times have had, “candidates showing up in homecoming dresses or in bathing suits.”

When asked, “How did you hear about our company,” the applicant replied, “Well, I was in my Anger Management class, and I overheard you were looking for people….”

When asked, “Why did you leave your last company,” the applicant replied, “I have a problem with authority.”

We hope you’ll participate and send us some gems for us to publish in our next newsletter. As a token of our appreciation, we’ll award the best post submitted by April 15, 2011 a $50 Amazon gift card for you or your company.

Please leave your entries as comments below! Thank you!



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