Signs Your Tech Project Isn’t Successful  

Nearly onequarter of all IT projects fail. But those numbers don’t have to be so high. Sometimes better pre-planning can prevent failure, but knowing the signs that a project is going sideways can help the team regroup to prevent a crash-and-burn scenario.

Here are signs you should watch for that will signal your tech project isn’t successful.  

Lack of Metrics 

Without metrics, you can’t measure success. Analytics help you keep a project on schedule, on time and on budget. Metrics ensure that you know exactly where things stand rather than just relying on your team to tell you how things are going.  

Missed Milestones  

One missed milestone can have a ripple effect on the project. If a milestone isn’t met, it puts the entire team in jeopardy of failure. Step in as soon as you notice a milestone has passed and do what you can to get things back on track.   

More Issues Are Being Added Than Resolved  

All projects have issues, but if a project has more issues than resolutions, it’s likely going to sputter out and ultimately fail. Stopping to resolve issues isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s the best way to save the project from a slow but certain death.  

Project Managers Aren’t on the Same Page as Business Leaders 

When project managers and business managers do not have the same priorities, it can put project in danger. Keeping business leaders in the loop throughout the project and assuring them that the project supports strategic goals can help maintain their buy-in. 

Communication is Breaking Down 

No project stands a chance of succeeding if team members are not communicating effectively. Everyone needs to be looped in on progress, and that includes everything from setting expectations at the start of the project to notifying managers when deadlines aren’t met or quality issues are popping up. When it comes to IT projects, there is no such thing as too much information. 

Too Much Overtime  

If you notice that your team is suddenly putting in excessive hours, it’s a sign the project is running behind. Overtime is not always the best fix for a project that has gotten off track, as there is significant evidence that shows any hour worked over 50 per week is counterproductive.   

A great way to keep projects on track and control overtime is to hire highly skilled IT contractors. At PEAK Technical Consulting, we have a proven track record of helping employers access the skilled professionals they need to keep projects moving forward. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you find the tech professionals you need. 


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