How to Find Top Talent for Specific Engineering Positions  

It’s no secret that hiring engineers has become more of a challenge in recent years. There are serious skill and talent gaps in the market, and finding top talent for specific engineering positions can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. Use these strategies to broaden your talent pool and find the right person for your engineering roles.  

Vary Your Sourcing Methods 

If you keep revisiting the same talent pools, you’ll end up with the same results – or lack thereof. To access skilled, diverse sets of candidates, you must vary your sourcing methods. This can include job boards and social media, but it should also include traditional networking, employee referrals, campus recruiting, and external engineering recruiters.  

Know Exactly What You’re Looking For  

Team hiring has become the norm, but the more people who are involved in the process, the more likely you are to run into conflicting priorities. Before you even write a job description, get the entire hiring team on the same page. Make a list of the technical skills, soft skills and experience you’re looking for and then determine which criteria can be classified as non-negotiable and which can be more flexible.  

Streamline Your Hiring Process  

In a tight talent market, employers simply cannot afford to drag their feet during the hiring process, yet many employers continue to offer candidates a lengthy, complex, and disorganized experience. Talented engineers don’t need to wait around for employers, they have other options and they will move on to new opportunities if they feel their time is being wasted. Not only that, but thanks to sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, they can share a poor experience with other candidates, potentially turning them off to your company, as well.  

Build a Passive Recruiting Strategy  

Reactive hiring – waiting for a job to open before attempting to build connections with talent – will always keep your company behind the proverbial eight ball. Top engineering talent won’t come banging on your door when a role opens up. They are already working and are likely not scouring job boards in their free time. Building a pipeline of passive talent is an important and effective strategy for accessing engineers when you need them.  

Fast-Track Your Search for Top Engineering Talent  

Most internal hiring teams are stretched thin, and implementing new processes to find top talent can take months or even years. By partnering with a specialized engineering recruiting firm, you can vary your sourcing methods, improve job descriptions and search criteria, streamline your hiring process and instantly access a full pipeline of passive talent.  

If you are looking for talented engineers who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today. We are a national leader among engineering recruiting firms, and we look forward to helping you land top talent. 


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