Our proven Recruiting & Sales Management Trainee Program will give you the training, knowledge and skills you need to succeed, at PEAK and in life. Recruiting is one of the most important skills anyone in business can have, because finding the right person for the right opportunity is how companies find success.  No matter your major (we hire individuals from all backgrounds), we will teach you the business and help you connect with prospects on a personal level.

What is a recruiter?

A good recruiter has to be a bit of a detective; a problem solver. The job of the recruiter is to find qualified candidates to fill positions that we have for our clients. What does that mean?   It means understanding what type of candidate is needed to fill the role.

What does a recruiter do?

As a recruiter, you must understand both of PEAK’s clients, this includes the companies and candidates that we work with.  On the company side, it is important to understand not only the daily tasks of the role you are recruiting for, but also the culture of the company.  On the candidate side, the recruiter’s role involves sourcing, asking the right questions and understanding your candidate. You will guide your candidate through the process of presenting their resume and interviewing with the client, and if the match is made, placing them on assignment.

What makes a good recruiter?

A good recruiter has to have a high sense of urgency and must perform at a fast pace to find the candidate that is a fit for our clients’ needs.  What is a fast pace?  It can mean that within hours from the time the job description is received, the recruiter is submitting one or several qualified candidates.  Recruiting can be very exciting, and a great recruiter is dedicated to the cause and will make it happen no matter what.  Our recruiters know it is necessary to build rapport with the candidate quickly and effectively and, when possible, to have a network of candidates readily available.

Why is being a great recruiter so important?

To a client managing an important project, there is no better feeling than having 100% confidence in the companies they rely on.  A large client could lose millions of dollars per day if there is a delay in finding the right person.  Our clients know that the best staffing companies are the ones that understand their problems and present a solution.

You can be that solution, you can help create the rockets and planes of tomorrow, the networks that connect us, the theme parks you’ll take your children to and the life-altering medical devices of the future.  Yes, we really work on all these types of openings.  We pride ourselves on innovation and the ability to find the right people, so that companies that are focusing on those innovative projects don’t have to focus on anything but the task at hand with the right people on board.

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