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The concept of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) makes a lot of sense in theory. One main staffing and recruiting partner manages the contingent labor force and works hand in hand with other approved staffing agencies. This helps drive efficiency and consistency in the temporary workforce.

However, many department leaders and HR professionals report challenges—especially early in the MSP adoption period. All too often, temporary staff doesn’t match the unique needs of hiring managers.

As a firm that works closely with many different MSP’s, we have found that these challenges mainly arise when the MSP is extremely restrictive and doesn’t allow vendor staffing agencies to dig deeper into the employer’s true needs.

What makes a successful MSP?

On the flip side, we find that the most successful MSP’s share a few key traits:

  1. Access to hiring managers.
    When vendors have access to hiring managers, they can get a more detailed job description and overview of true job requirements—allowing staffing agencies to provide better fit employees in the end.
  2. Choosing vendors with specialized, niche focus.
    A general staffing firm will have a tough time filling specialized positions—especially in fields like engineering. MSPs that partner with specialized staffing firms are able to fill positions with very specific requirements much more quickly, with better-fit talent.
  3. Working with agencies that have MSP experience.
    The MSP process is unique and there is a learning curve for agencies. We have found the most successful MSP programs have partnered with agencies that understand the process, have experience with the system and understand the nuances in the MSP relationship.

Choosing a true MSP Partner

At PEAK Technical Staffing USA, we are a specialized engineering and engineering staffing support agency. We have over 40 years of experience as the MSP provider, as well as supporting the main MSP agency.

We have built a unique MSP process to alleviate the recruiting pain points that arise when recruiting talent with the expert skills of an experienced engineering team. Because our staff has an engineering focus, we are able to bring a unique and more complete understanding of what makes a great consultant.

What makes the PEAK Process better?

  • Specialized understanding in engineering
  • Dedicated recruiting team
  • Understanding the value of your time
  • Collaboration with your MSP provider
  • Assigned team lead to scope the job requirements
  • Qualified list of accomplished talent
  • Over 40 years of experience

What is your role in the PEAK Process?

  • Let PEAK be the sole provider of engineering and engineering support.
  • Keep your MSP aware of PEAK’s role in filling your engineering team needs with the knowledge that we will cooperate with and work through your current MSP provider.
  • Let us use your process on your terms while allowing us to bring you the top talent you need.

When you’re ready to get the right consultants and staffing support in your engineering department, contact PEAK Technical Staffing USA. We are here to answer all of your questions and show you in detail how the PEAK Process can get you better results.

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