Tom Groves

How long have you been at PEAK?

  • Since March 2015

Why did you choose PEAK?

  • After only 4 years, I had achieved all of my goals in the culinary industry. I felt fulfilled and ready to move on to a new chapter of my professional life and I wanted it to be focused on business. PEAK was willing to start from scratch with me having only passion for learning about business and engineering.

What is your proudest moment at PEAK?

  • Getting my first start. There’s nothing like it! After that first person gets started at a new job you just can’t wait to do it again and again.

How do you have fun outside of work?

  • Although cooking is no longer my profession, it will always be my passion. I’m always down to talk about food. It’s a window into different cultures and a rare common ground for all to share.
Position: Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team

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Position: Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team
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