Lauren Mallon

How long have you been at PEAK?

  • Since June 2016

Where did you attend college and what degree did you earn?

  • University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of the Arts in English Writing and Communication, Certificate in Children’s Literature

What is your proudest moment at PEAK?

  • My proudest moment at PEAK was when I spent weeks speaking with one of my candidates, helping schedule 6 different interviews and after 5 long weeks, the client offered him the job and he accepts. It was so rewarding to know that all that hard work and time paid off for both the client and candidate.

How do you have fun outside of work?

  • Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with family and friends or traveling. I’m always looking for new places to go or to go back to my favorite destinations especially Disney World.
Position: Team Lead ICategory: Internal Team

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Position: Team Lead ICategory: Internal Team
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