Laura Zacarias

How long have you been at PEAK?

  • Since August 2016

Why did you choose PEAK?

  • My coworker spoke highly of PEAK and I decided to seek a new challenging opportunity. Throughout the interview process I realized how much growth potential there was.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • Bringing a bright smile to our candidates?

What is your proudest moment at PEAK?

  • Being able to place 20 candidates in four months. This not only involved sending in a resume to a client but being able to treat the candidate like more than a piece of paper. When candidates don’t feel confident in their job search, I take the time to coach and prepare them for improvement.

How do you have fun outside of work?

  • Family time
Position: Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team

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Position: Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team
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