Beau Patterson – Lead Staffing Manager

How long have you been at PEAK?

  • Since Jan 2015

Where did you attend college and what degree did you earn?

  • Ohio State University, BA in Sociology

Why did you choose PEAK?

  • Small family atmosphere but still working on a national level, saw it as a great opportunity and liked the company’s plan for growth.

What is the funniest/most interesting experience you’ve had at work?

  • I always find it interesting when you talk with candidates and realize you have mutual friends/know the same people and in a couple of cases you have randomly met before in person. I have also helped a friend of a friend get his first job which was pretty cool.

How do you have fun outside of work?

  • Surfing, camping and playing music.
Position: Lead Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team

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Position: Lead Staffing ManagerCategory: Internal Team
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