Get Engineering Contractors Up to Speed with a Project Communication Plan

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Getting new contractors up to speed quickly and keeping them in the loop can put an added burden on busy engineering managers and project managers, who already spend as much as 90 percent of their time communicating. Fortunately, a project communication plan can help newcomers receive essential information and assimilate swiftly, as… Read more »

How to Build Strong Relationships with Engineering Managers

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Having healthy relationships with several engineering managers can lead to more contract assignments, recommendations and even referrals. Plus, building positive associations with your colleagues and boss can make the time you spend working on projects more enjoyable and satisfying. While each relationship will be unique, here are some general ways for contractors… Read more »

5 Ways to Get an Engineering Contractor to Accept Your Offer

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Engineering contractors are in high demand these days. So much so, that an experienced professional with desirable skills and credentials may receive multiple offers. Losing your top choice to a competitor can hurt your firm’s ability to take on additional projects, lower morale and increase stress. And who has the time to… Read more »

5 Ways to Land a Stretch Engineering Assignment

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Once you master the basic techniques, concepts and equipment in your niche, it’s natural for engineers to want to learn new things. However, snagging an assignment that ventures beyond your current knowledge or skill level can be tricky, especially for contractors who are experiencing strong demand for their expertise. Alas, you may… Read more »

Modern Tools for Managing an Engineering Team

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman If you’re still using paper forms and conference calls to manage your staff, you might be a little behind the times. Modern engineering managers are using web tools, mobile apps and cloud-based software to communicate, invigorate and improve their team’s performance. Best of all, replacing outdated systems and paper intensive processes with… Read more »

Three Ways to Scope Out an Engineering Firm Before an Interview

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Whether you’re interviewing for a contract assignment or a regular full-time position, the engineering manager will probably ask: “So, what do you know about our firm?” How you respond to this seemingly innocent question could mean the difference between an offer and rejection. According to a survey of 2,000 bosses, failing to… Read more »

Staffing Firms vs. Independent Contractors: What Engineering Managers Should Know

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman   On the surface, the differences between an independent contractor (IC, or 1099) and a contract engineer supplied by a staffing firm may seem negligible. But employment status can impact the way you select, manage and interact with interim workers. The main difference lies in the fact that contractors from staffing firms… Read more »

For Engineering Contractors: How Staffing Firms Really Work

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman     Even if you’ve been contracting for years, you may not understand exactly how staffing firms work. The more you know about the industry’s inner workings, and the nature of its relationships with engineering managers, the more you can use them to your advantage. Here’s the inside scoop about how professional… Read more »

Stiff Competition for Acquiring Engineering Grads

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman The competition for engineering grads has reached fever pitch on college campuses this spring. U.S. employers are planning to offer signing bonuses to more graduates in 2015 than they have in the last five years. Chemical engineering majors are expected to receive the largest bonuses at $5,250, followed by general engineering majors… Read more »

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