Looking for the Ideal MSP in Manufacturing, Logistics, or Engineering? Keep These Features in Mind

When you run a business in manufacturing, logistics, or engineering, every ounce of efficiency helps. Contingent workforces must be managed, compliance requirements must be met, and seemingly endless invoices must be sorted through. It’s a staggering amount of work that has little to do with any work being done on your factory floor.

At PEAK Technical, we understand that letting go of processes traditionally handled in-house can be difficult. It’s a level of change management that can interfere with the day-to-day running of your business. There are managed service providers (MSPs) and vendor management systems (VMS) that claim to help, but many are overpacked with unnecessary features that don’t solve the core issues you face.

Consider a mid-sized food processing company, for example. A facility like this faces constant government audits related to employee verification. Ensuring compliance and reducing risk of penalties can feel like a full-time job, which takes time away from managing contingent workers or sorting through vendor invoices.

Are there MSPs that are optimized to address specific needs like this? There are indeed. Forget solutions that are one-size-fits-all or irrelevant to your needs. The right managed services provider can help you track contingent labor spend, consolidate pricing, and expand your network of talent—all on one invoice.

Here’s what the ideal MSP solution should do for you:

Track Contingent Labor Spend

Our first feature should be simple, but as anyone in the business knows, it never is. The right MSP should offer robust capabilities for tracking contingent labor spend across all locations and divisions. This allows your company to gain detailed insights into expenses and manage budgets more effectively. Accurate tracking of contingent labor costs is crucial for maintaining financial oversight and making informed business decisions. Look for an MSP that can provide comprehensive reporting and analytics to help you understand and control your labor spend.

Provide One Simple Invoice

When your day-to-day operations involve sorting through 30-40 invoices at a time, this feature can seem like a small miracle. A reputable MSP should consolidate all your expenses into a single, streamlined invoice, eliminating the complexity of handling multiple invoices from various vendors. This simplifies your accounting procedures and reduces administrative overhead, making financial management more efficient. An MSP that offers this level of invoicing integration will help you achieve better budget reconciliation and simplify your financial processes.

Consolidate Pricing & Minimize Markup

Make sure your chosen provider consolidates pricing and minimizes markups to provide potential cost savings. By offering standardized pricing across different vendors and locations, the MSP can ensure consistent and transparent cost structures. This approach helps in reducing overall expenses and avoids the pitfalls of varied markups from different sources. A reliable MSP should also eliminate recruitment costs, providing a lower markup on billing rates, which can be more cost-effective than traditional staffing methods.

Expand Access to Sub-Vendors

Access to a vast network of sub-vendors is a crucial feature to consider. This expansive network allows your company to fill roles quickly and efficiently by tapping into a broader talent pool. Especially in tight labor markets, having access to numerous sub-vendors with extensive candidate databases is invaluable. An ideal MSP should leverage this network to meet your staffing needs promptly, ensuring you have the right talent for various projects and roles.

Show Real-Time Data

Any reputable MSP built for the modern world of work should include access to VMS software. Ideally, this user-friendly software will incorporate a dashboard accessible to you, the provider, and any third-party vendors involved. Real-time information regarding e-verification, onboarding, and compliance documentation should be provided under one roof. This not only ensures a smoother workflow but also significantly reduces the risk of compliance issues, a common pitfall in industries subjected to rigorous government audits.

Meet PEAK, A Tailored Managed Staffing Provider

All the benefits we’ve just discussed become available to you when you work with PEAK. Our process is built from the ground up to help facilities like yours manage their contingent labor force. As you probably already know, a managed service provider is a third-party company that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of HR or IT services to its clients. But in the context of PEAK’s comprehensive suite of Total Talent Management solutions, MSP stands for “managed staffing provider.” It’s a nuanced but important distinction that can open new avenues for contingent workforce management at your facility.

We’ve grown into the premier provider of MSP solutions in manufacturing, logistics, engineering, and a host of other technically demanding fields for a reason. Bolstered by a strong foundation of knowledge capital, we offer our clients an unparalleled fusion of experience, strategy, and agility—all of which has been folded into our unique MSP approach. For companies like yours that have to run smoothly at all times, embracing such a comprehensive solution could be the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and competitive advantage.

PEAK’s MSP solutions offer a new level of agility for businesses eager to modernize their operations without sacrificing the integrity of their labor force. If you’re ready to fill positions and enhance your strategic potential all at once, don’t hesitate to reach out. The efficiency you unlock might just surprise you.

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