What Makes Philadelphia a Great City for Engineers

Philadelphia consistently ranks among the top US cities for careers in science, tech, math and engineering. And for good reason. Home to the second largest university population in the country, and a top hub for startup companies, there is no lack of innovation and opportunity for tech-minded individuals. Here a few other reasons that engineers choose Philadelphia.

Cost of Living

Despite its reputation as a tech hub, Philadelphia remains one of the most affordable places to live in the Northeast. Many engineers enjoy the ability to dedicate more of their income to savings or major purchases rather than spending it all on housing and essentials.


It would be hard to find a more historic city than Philadelphia, especially for political history buffs. The city was home to the First Continental Congress, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution…and it was the capital of the United States for a decade. In their off time, many engineers appreciate the opportunity to explore Philadelphia’s many museums and historic sites.

Arts and Culture

Philadelphia isn’t only known for its history or its tech opportunities. It’s a vibrant, thriving city with visual art museums, science centers, and a strong performing arts community. Whether they’re into food, bars, or live music, your engineers will find plenty to do in their off hours.

Getting Away from It All

Philadelphia is less than two hours from the infamous Jersey Shore. When your city-loving engineers are ready for a getaway, they won’t have to look far for a beach break. With a bustling boardwalk, tourist attractions of every description, and plenty of places to enjoy a fresh lobster feast, the Jersey Shore offers your engineers the chance to burn off some energy or simply relax and do nothing at all.

Of course, even with so much to offer engineers, Philadelphia is a competitive market. To attract and retain the best, make sure you’re offering not only a solid compensation package, but also the opportunity to learn and grow with your company.

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