Don’t Miss Another Deadline! How Might PEAK Technical Help Keep Your Chicago Engineering Team Fully Staffed This Fall?

Hiring engineers in Chicago can be tough under the best circumstances. The city is well known for its tech industry, creating massive demand for engineers of all types. In today’s tight labor market, hiring can be even more challenging. Fortunately, PEAK Technical is here to help with all your engineering staffing needs.

Contract Engineers

If your engineering team is short-handed, productivity will naturally slip. You may not be able to take on all the projects you want, and you might even start missing deadlines for existing projects. No matter how good your current engineers might be, trying to cover open positions is simply a recipe for burnout.

That’s why we maintain a stable of highly qualified contract engineers in Chicago. These professionals represent a variety of engineering specializations, as well as generalists who are able to step in and assist with many different types of projects. If you need an engineer, or several, to help take the pressure off your team, we can provide fully qualified contract employees in just a few days.

Contract to Hire

Are you debating whether you really need a new full-time engineer? Or do you worry about finding someone who truly fits with your unique company culture? Maybe you simply want to get someone in the door to help with a big project now, and put off the full hiring process until things calm down.

No matter what your reasons, contract to hire can be a great solution. We’ll provide a fully qualified, experienced engineer who is ready to help your team solve problems and meet deadlines immediately. At the end of the contract term, you and your potential new hire can decide whether to move to a full-time position or part ways.

Direct Hire

If you’re ready to add a new engineer to your permanent team, let PEAK handle the details. We’ll recruit and vet potential candidates with an eye toward determining who would be just the right fit. At the end of our process, we’ll provide you with a short list of prospects from which to choose. And we can even assist with the onboarding process!

Build A Forward-Thinking Engineering Team With PEAK

If you are looking for talented engineering professionals who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you access cutting-edge talent.




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