Tired of the Same Boring Hiring Process? Consider These Reasons to Offload Your Engineering Hiring to a Pittsburgh Recruiter

Pittsburgh has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years, pivoting from steel to tech. This continues to draw top engineering candidates to the city, but it also means that there is a lot of competition for their services. To bring in top talent, consider working with a dedicated engineering staffing firm. Here are a few ways we can help.

Freeing up HR

Your human resources department is likely stretched thin as we continue to emerge from a global pandemic. Current employees may have several needs to address and compliance regulations keep changing. We can take most of the hiring pressure off your HR team, giving them time to deal with important internal matters.

Recruiting Top Tier Engineering Candidates

Engineering is a highly specialized field. If you’re not an engineer yourself, you may not even speak their language, let alone know where to find passive recruits. With decades of experience, we know where to find top-tier engineering candidates. We know how to communicate with them, how to attract them, and how to gauge their abilities.

Streamlining Processes

High-quality engineering candidates in Pittsburgh are in demand. They don’t need to wait through a lengthy hiring process or jump through a lot of hoops. We know how to streamline the entire recruiting and hiring process, providing you with a short list of well-qualified candidates who are excited about joining your company.

Offering Contract Workers

Maybe you aren’t yet ready to hire for full-time positions. Your current team might be stretched to the breaking point. Or perhaps you need someone right now to assist with an important project. Whatever the reasons, bringing on one or more contract engineers might make sense for you.

We maintain a roster of highly qualified engineers, both specialists and generalists, who are ready to take on contract positions. Whether you need someone for a single project or to assist in several different areas, we can typically get someone to you within just a few days.

Build A Forward-Thinking Engineering Team With PEAK

If you are looking for talented engineering professionals who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you access cutting-edge talent.


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