Top Engineer Retention Strategies to Keep in Mind

Hiring engineers can be tough, time-consuming, and expensive. But holding onto them once you have them can be even more challenging, especially in the era of the Great Resignation. In this tight labor market, engineer retention is more important than ever. Here are some strategies to keep your engineers happy and loyal.

Encourage Time Off

Burnout is real, especially with today’s workplace challenges. But it’s not enough just to offer generous paid time off (PTO). You also need to actively encourage your employees to take that time. Make sure you’re taking your own vacation time, and foster a culture in which taking time off is considered healthy and normal.

Focus on Outcomes

If we learned anything from the pandemic, it should be that results matter more than seat time. Stop focusing on the hours your engineers work, and instead reward them for getting the job done.

Limit Meetings

Engineer retention will tank if you prioritize meetings over projects. Trust your engineers, give them the tools to communicate with you and with each other, and hold a meeting only when it’s truly essential.

Continue Remote or Hybrid Options

The pandemic also showed us that remote work can be highly successful. With all of today’s technological options, there is very little reason for most engineers to be onsite full-time. If you’re reopening your offices, let them decide whether and how often to come in. If you feel that face time is absolutely essential, at least offer hybrid solutions with a minimum of onsite days.

Foster Collaboration

Though face-to-face work is rarely necessary these days, collaboration is more important than ever. Make sure you’re tearing down silos and encouraging cross-departmental teamwork. Communicate more than you think you need to, and teach your employees to do the same. Provide a range of collaboration technologies, from document sharing to videoconferencing. Consider offering virtual team-building events, from workshops to games to show and tell.

Check Your Compensation

Pay isn’t enough to boost engineer retention on its own, but if you’re paying a lot less than everyone else, you might lose employees. The best strategy, though, is to offer a combination of pay, benefits, and perks that truly meets your engineers’ needs. Onsite childcare for those who must be in the office, unlimited PTO, and tuition reimbursement are just a few possibilities.

Connect the Work to the Mission

Increasingly, workers want to be connected to something larger than themselves. Explain your mission and vision and how your engineering team is part of that. Regularly share company accomplishments, as well as ways that you’re giving back to your community.

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