Defense in the LA and San Diego Region

Are you having trouble attracting top-notch candidates for your open engineering positions? Maybe you need to tweak how you position your company within the job market. The defense industry is huge in the Los Angeles and San Diego region, and job seekers know it. Remember, defense includes not just government agencies but also companies that manufacture products for military applications. If your company falls into this category, advertising it as such could help increase the number of top candidates you attract. Here’s what to know about the defense industry in Southern California.

What Types of Defense Contractors Are in the LA and San Diego Region?

Southern California is home to innumerable defense contractors that manufacture a wide variety of products and systems for the military. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Drones
  • Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
  • Night vision devices
  • Electronics
  • Missile systems
  • Communications systems
  • Tactical equipment
  • Electronic parts and wiring
  • Meters and sensors
  • Software
  • Components for all of the above

Engineers are vital for all of these things. But how can you attract them to your company?

Attracting Top Engineers to the Defense Industry

Attracting top talent to your defense industry company starts with letting prospects know that you’re in the defense industry. People want their work to be meaningful, and, for many, contributing to the national defense is a powerful motivator. But it’s not enough on its own, especially during a time of worker shortages. You’ll also need to know how to convince engineers that yours is an excellent company to work for. Here are some tips.

  • Go where they are. Get to know the places where engineers hang out, both online and in person. Become part of the community and build trust.
  • Offer something different. Top engineers expect to be paid well and to get good benefits. Differentiate your company by offering something unique. Maybe it’s the opportunity to work on a top-secret new military weapon, or perhaps your engineering team is particularly creative and close-knit.
  • Ask the right questions. Most engineers are highly intelligent and are good at reading between the lines. During the interview, they’ll know if you’re asking the smart questions that will help you build the right team. Questions about coping with budget cuts, quality control, and design team disagreements are always great choices.
  • Use a staffing agency. If you’re not an engineer, it can be tough to recruit and hire them. Consider working with a dedicated engineering staffing agency instead of going it alone.

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