Embracing Remote Engineering! 6 Tips to Recruit Employees You Can Trust

Hiring engineers can be challenging enough. But when you’re hiring for remote positions, you also have to be sure that you choose candidates who are up to the challenge. While many people love the idea of working from home, not everyone is self-directed enough to be successful. Here are 6 tips for recruiting trustworthy, hard-working remote engineers.

Become Remote-Friendly

Remote engineers are savvy, and you won’t impress them if you aren’t fully ready to roll with your remote work plan. Be ready to discuss the tools and technologies you use, as well as the things you do to help remote workers feel like part of the team. Make sure your online presence is as authentic and fully fleshed out as possible, as candidates are sure to Google your company.

Look for Remote Skills

Besides being top-notch engineers, successful candidates should also have the skills needed to work remotely. These include independence, drive, and motivation. They should also be highly organized, confident, creative, and comfortable solving challenges with little or no assistance. At the same time, you don’t want someone cocky who refuses to follow the rules. Make sure your chosen candidate is a self-starter who also values teamwork and collaboration.

Conduct Face to Face Interviews

In an ideal world, you would bring your potential remote engineers into the office for an in-person interview. But COVID-19 protocols may limit this even with candidates who live nearby, and your top choice might live across the country. So do the next best thing and conduct a real-time video interview. This will give you the chance to assess body language and other non-verbal communications just as you would in person.

Offer Virtual Tours

You also want to make sure that the candidate is comfortable with the office and the team. So if you’re conducting virtual interviews, pair them with virtual tours of the office. This allows candidates to assess your corporate culture and decide whether the position is the right fit.

Use Assessment Tools

Whether you want to check a candidate’s engineering skills or get an idea of whether he has the right personality for remote work, you can find a variety of assessment tools to help you make up your mind. Assessments can be an important part of the hiring process for anyone, but when you’re hiring remote workers, they can provide you with extra peace of mind.

Ask Targeted Interview Questions

Ideally, your potential new hires will have documentable experience working remotely (highly likely today, after the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020 and 2021). But whether they do or not, you’ll want to ask questions that focus on the skills needed for success. Ask about how the candidate manages distractions, sets a work schedule, and communicates project statuses. Find out which collaborative tools they’ve used in the past and how they cope with competing priorities. You want to hire someone who has thought through the practicalities of remote work, even if they haven’t actually done it before.

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