How Head-Hunting Can Unlock Candidates You Wouldn’t Normally Find

We’re living through what has been dubbed The Great Resignation, as legions of workers leave their employers. While this is typically described as something negative for businesses, it also opens up a golden opportunity. Most of those workers are going somewhere else—so what if your company was the one they chose? If all you’re doing is posting job descriptions on employment boards, though, you’re missing out on a massive pool of potential workers. Here’s how head-hunting can bring highly qualified candidates through your door.

What Is Head-Hunting?

Head-hunting is the process of finding the best possible candidates for a position. Rather than simply posting jobs and waiting for people to apply, head-hunters go on an active search for passive candidates. Traditionally, head-hunting meant seeking out people who were employed in a similar role at a competitor. This is still often part of the strategy. But head-hunters today also reach out to those who are employed in a different role or have recently left their job.

Do I Have to Head-Hunt Alone?

Absolutely not. And the typical employer doesn’t necessarily make the best head-hunter. Your HR department is likely stretched thin, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For most companies, it’s better to leave the head-hunting to the professionals. Staffing agencies such as PEAK specialize in recruitment. We know how to target passive candidates and how to match prospective employees with the right companies. At PEAK, we understand engineers, from how they think to where they spend their free time, and we know how to approach them.

What Else Can a Staffing Agency Do for My Company?

When you sign on with a staffing agency, you’re getting full-service assistance. Not only can we present you with a shortlist of fully vetted, highly qualified candidates for your engineering position, but we can also assist with various HR tasks. Depending on your needs, this could include helping you onboard your chosen candidate, providing temporary staff while you’re making your hiring decision, or even assisting you with labor law compliance.

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