Top Retention Strategies to Keep Engineering Employees Engaged

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are experiencing an unprecedented Great Resignation as employees leave for greener pastures. Yet retaining top engineers has always been tough, as they are typically ambitious, highly intelligent, and constantly in demand. To improve your engineering employee retention, make sure they are always moving forward within your company.


Not everything can be learned in school, and engineers tend to be the hands-on type that are eager to learn how things work in the real world. Whether you implement a formal mentorship program or simply foster connections between new and more seasoned engineers, finding a mentor can make all the difference to a young engineer. They tend to be loyal to good mentors, which can help boost retention.


Another vital component to retaining top engineers is providing them with opportunities. Whether you can offer a lateral transfer to an office in another state or the chance to work with senior engineers on a revolutionary project, creating plenty of opportunities can help curb boredom. And a bored engineer is one with one foot already out the door. Don’t forget about the engineers who have been around forever—they also deserve new opportunities to stretch their wings.


Offering additional training is another great way to keep your engineers on board. Remember, engineers generally love to learn. Whether you offer tuition reimbursement or hold your own expert-led training seminars, retaining top engineers means giving them a way to continue developing expertise in their field.

Career Guidance

Ultimately, top engineers want to carve out a career path that is personally fulfilling for them—and that can look different for different people. Offer multiple routes to top roles, both within the engineering department and in your company’s C-suite. Not every engineer will aspire to the highest levels of management, but those who do should be able to see a pathway to that corner office.

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