How Offering Temp-to-Hire Positions Can Give You a Better Feel for Candidates

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that everything we thought we knew can be upended in a moment. Your business is starting to emerge from a brutal year and a half. Now you might be ready to hire new workers. Take a moment to think about whether a temp-to-hire model is best for your business. Here are a few ways that this type of hiring model can help you decide whether a particular candidate is truly right for the job.

Working Interview

In today’s marketplace, businesses need workers who are tough, agile, flexible, and determined. But these qualities can be tough to gauge during the hiring process. A temp-to-hire process serves as an extended working interview. It lets you see how a potential team member actually operates day to day. The candidate will remain an employee of the staffing agency. This gives you time to determine whether you want to move forward with a permanent job offer.

Determining “Fit”

Even a hard worker with excellent skills may not be the right candidate for you. Increasingly, both employees and businesses are seeking a good fit. Do your values align? Does the person mesh well with your existing team members? A temp-to-hire model lets both you and the candidate evaluate the fit over time. Neither of you must make a long-term commitment before you are ready.

Lower Pressure

If you need a key position filled, the pressure is on to find someone as quickly as possible. But in a traditional hiring scenario, you’ll still need to make your way through all the steps. These range from posting job descriptions to verifying your chosen candidate’s eligibility to work. This can make it even more difficult to get a good feel for a potential new hire, as you may be wrapped up in all the details.

In a temp-to-hire model, the staffing agency will present you with candidates who are already fully vetted and ready to go. You can hire someone quickly, taking the pressure off, and then take your time getting to know them before making a permanent offer.

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