Top Trends in Cloud Computing to Stay Up-to-Date With

The COVID-19 pandemic upended everything we thought we knew, but one clear trend emerged: an ever-increasing reliance on cloud computing. From healthcare to home delivery to run of the mill business operations, virtually everything that could go remote did. Vaccinations are easing the pandemic and many companies are returning to on-site operations. But this strong reliance on the cloud is likely here to stay. Here are some top trends in cloud computing that all IT teams need to remain on top of.

Multi-Cloud Environments Are Becoming a Reality

Cloud computing has traditionally taken place on individual platforms, with one company providing for all of a particular organization’s needs. But this is starting to change. Different providers are better at different things. Consequently, businesses are increasingly switching to a multi-cloud approach. Expect the major providers to develop a more collaborative model. Startups are also beginning to create innovative solutions to help customers bridge the gap between platforms.

AI and Machine Learning in Cloud-as-a-Service Models

Cloud systems are increasingly operating as service platforms, allowing even those with small budgets and limited technical knowledge to deploy highly sophisticated cloud environments. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly vital to the logistics of efficiently running these complex systems with little user input.

Hybrid and On-Premise Cloud Solutions Are Evolving

Not only are customers starting to demand multi-cloud options, they are also becoming more sensitive to privacy concerns. Increasingly, cloud providers are starting to offer hybrid options that offer content delivery from the public cloud, while protecting sensitive data with on-premise solutions. Consolidating and streamlining these hybrid solutions is more important than ever before.

Virtual Cloud Desktops/Desktop-as-a-Service

Some companies are starting to move to hourly desktop subscriptions in which the entire workstation is actually a managed cloud service. With no need for costly hardware updates, this also allows employers to make sure everyone in the office is running on the same synchronized system. It also allows for centralized security measures, rather than relying on each employee individually. Virtual cloud desktops haven’t become mainstream yet, but they could grow in popularity over the next few years.

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