The Best Ways to Showcase Your Skills and Get Noticed By Recruiters

Whether you’re new to the workforce or an accomplished IT professional, competition for top jobs can be stiff. To stand out from the pack, you’ll need to show off your skills and pull attention to yourself.

Here are the best ways to get noticed by recruiters.

Update Your Resume

Technology isn’t the only aspect of life that evolves at lightning speed. If you’re still using the same resume from five, or even two, years ago, you risk appearing dated. Replace the objective statement with a couple of sentences that describe your personal brand. Use metrics such as dollar figures or percentages to highlight your accomplishments. Create a Skills section near the top of your resume, and be sure to match the keywords in the job description.

Develop Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool, but most job seekers aren’t making the most of its power. Make sure your profile is complete, including a professional yet friendly photo. Connect with others in your industry. If you have strong writing skills, position yourself as a thought leader by writing occasional articles about trends or innovations in your industry.

Take a Risk

Don’t passively wait for recruiters to find you. Seek out the companies that truly catch your interest and find a way to introduce yourself. LinkedIn can be an excellent start, as you may be able to find someone in your network who already works for the company or knows someone who does. The more human connections you can make, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Be Yourself

Resist the urge to turn yourself into what you think the “ideal employee” might be. Modern companies focus strongly on company culture, and they want to build diverse teams with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. If you want to get noticed by recruiters, show off who you are. Your individual personality could be just what your dream company is looking for.

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