Why Is Recruiting Engineers So Difficult?

If you’re trying to hire an engineer, you might feel like there simply aren’t any top-tier candidates out there. Too often, trying to fill engineering positions can feel like a complex math problem with no real solution. The truth is, though, that highly qualified engineers are out there, and with a few tweaks to your recruiting process, you can find them.

Here’s what you need to know.

High Demand

Top engineers are in high demand. They typically don’t need to put much effort into finding a job, because recruiters come looking for them. If you’re just posting open positions on job boards, you may have some trouble finding the candidates you want.

Too Much Focus on Salary

It’s true that engineering typically pays well, but trying to compete on salary is ultimately a race to the bottom. Instead, think about what else your company has to offer. Maybe you’re working on an exciting new technology. Perhaps you have a close-knit team of highly intelligent and creative people. When recruiting engineers, think about what truly sets your company apart, and market it as something unique.

Overly Complex Qualifications

It is true that engineers need to bring a specific technical skill set to their work. But is the role you’re hiring for really so specialized that the right candidate will have 14 certifications, 10 years of progressive leadership experience, and a Mensa membership? Think about what the role truly requires, and simplify your expectations.

Not Using a Staffing Agency

If you’re not finding the engineering candidates you want on your own, it may be because they’re already working with specialized recruiters. An engineering staffing agency knows how to meet the unique needs of both engineers and the companies that hire them. Recruiters are also excellent matchmakers, ensuring just the right fit between an engineer and a company. To find top tier engineering candidates who are already vetted and ready to work, consider partnering with a staffing agency such as PEAK Technical Staffing.

Build A Forward-Thinking Engineering Team With PEAK

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