Not Getting a Response? Here Are the Best Times to Apply to a Job in the Engineering Field

Have you ever noticed that (COVID-19 pandemic notwithstanding) our lives tend to follow a seasonal rhythm? From spring break to summer vacation to cozy fall sweaters, we know what each season will bring. Companies also have their own rhythms, and hiring seasons are reasonably predictable. If you’re not hearing back about your engineering applications, you may be applying at the wrong time.

Here’s what you should know about when to apply.

Slow Times

With the exception of temporary positions, the height of summer and the holiday season that begins with Halloween and ends on New Year’s Day tend to be the worst times of year to look for work. People are on vacation, and companies tend not to be motivated to do much hiring.

The In-Between

Spring and fall are in-between times that could land you a new position. Hiring managers like to wrap up hiring by May before the vacation season begins. Meanwhile, executives are caught up in fundraising and new product launches, so both groups have reason to get things moving. Fall brings a return to the office, along with pressure to fill open positions before the budget runs out and the holiday season begins.

The Best Time of Year to Find a Job

The best time of all to find a new job is at the beginning of the year. New budgets and forecasts are out, everyone is back from their holiday trips, and companies are ready for a fresh start. January often starts out slow, as hiring managers settle back into their routine, but putting in your resume in January can often lead to an offer in February.

Of course, companies need to do some amount of hiring all year long. But if you’re not hearing back on most of your applications, try positioning yourself to take advantage of a more opportune time of year.

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