Top Technology Trends in 2021 to Prepare For

A new year always brings about exciting new developments in technology. As we put 2020 behind us and look forward to a (hopefully) better year ahead, these are some of the trends to watch for in the tech industry.  

Top Technology Trends in 2021

Finally, 5G 

We’ve heard about the arrival of 5G for years, but it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 when people began working from home and video conferencing en masse that the need for 5G became much more evident. While not every city in America will have 5G this year, the fact is 5G networks will finally become a reality.  

Cybersecurity Will Tighten  

Similarly, 2020 magnified the need for proactive cybersecurity. Companies that had been lax in this department had to scramble when their workforces became remote and outside threats instantly increased. Hackers exploited the coronavirus pandemic to expand their campaigns of attacks against businesses worldwide. With fewer employees working onsite on the same secure network, it is imperative that companies shore up their networks and upgrade their cybersecurity strategies. 

“As-a-Service” Will Continue to Grow  

“As-a-service” has become popular in recent years and thanks to extensive cloud offerings from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, as well as startups and spinoffs. Now, innovators in all fields can deploy cutting-edge technology without exorbitant and cost-prohibitive investments in tools, equipment or specialized talent. 

Thanks to the pandemic, reliance on the cloud has only grown, magnifying the need for scalable, cloud-based solutions. Take Zoom, for example, which became a household name during the pandemic for its ability to swiftly add servers and increase its coverage and quality of service when demand for services skyrocketed 

Work From Home Will Outlast The Pandemic  

Companies that had been resisting work-from-home options found themselves forced into it in 2020 and they now know that they can not only make it work, but that they can make it work well.  

After the pandemic is finally behind us, workers that have gotten a taste of the flexibility that comes with working from home will likely continue to demand it. And as companies realize they can save overhead costs, expand recruiting on a national scale and still generate high output from remote workers, it is likely that this trend will continue, and with it the need for better software, hardware, networking and remote security.  

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