5 Fastest-Growing Engineering Specialties

Engineering is a diverse field covering niches from computer production to nanoscale materials to aeronautics to green infrastructure and everything in between. However, not all fields of engineering are growing at the same rate.

Here are the five fastestgrowing engineering specialties. 

Biomedical Engineering 

Biomedical engineers design and develop things like medical equipment, devices, computer systems, and software for the healthcare field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field will grow 7% through 2026, thanks to industry competition for innovation and an aging population. The median annual salary for biomedical engineers is around $89,000 

Computer Software Engineering 

Software engineers create the applications, services and frameworks that power computing systems. A computer software engineer can be responsible for anything from updating a web app to managing the security of a cloud computing platform. 

Software engineering employment is expected to increase by 19% through 2024, according to the BLS. The median annual salary for this field is about $100,0000. 

Data Science and Machine Learning  

Data scientists use big data, statistics and software engineering to gather, analyze and present data in a way that allows the enduser to optimize specific tasks and functions. For example, using sales data to determine which products sell best during a specific time of year to create targeted marketing campaigns. 

Machine learning is a subset of data science that uses past data and patterns to make predictions of what might happen in the future. Machine learning algorithms will make predictions, test predictions for accuracy, and then optimize the algorithm to improve accuracy going forward. Data scientists and machine learning engineers earn around $100,000 per year. 

Civil Engineering 

Civil engineers design and develop infrastructure projects like roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, water systems and more for the public and private sectors. According to the BLS, civil engineering jobs will grow 11% through 2026, thanks to investments in the US’s crumbling infrastructure. The median annual wage for civil engineers is around $90,000. 

Environmental Engineering 

Environmental engineers contribute to the design of things like municipal water treatment systems, air quality improvement initiatives, recycling, and contaminated site cleanup efforts, and more. They also work with civil engineers to conduct impact studies about the effects of construction and development projects on the environment.  The field is expected to grow 8% through 2026, and the median annual salary for environmental engineers is around $86,000.  

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