Everything You Need to Know About an AutoCAD Certification

Earning AutoCAD certification is important to prove your skills and expertise to potential employers and to command a higher salary. Not to mention, going through the formal process of earning a certification helps you work more efficiently and effectively on the job.

Here are some important things you should know about pursuing AutoCAD certification.  

What Is AutoCAD Certification? 

AutoCAD certification is an exam that tests your proficiency with AutoCAD software. Passing the exam indicates that you have knowledge of the program and the modeling skills necessary to operate with proficiency on the job in a variety of industries, including:  

  • Manufacturing 
  • Architecture 
  • Engineering 
  • Automotive design 
  • Interior design 

A certificate AutoCAD is not a substitute for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program if you want to be an engineer, but it does provide extra tools and skills necessary to be a successful designer.  

Types of AutoCAD Certification  

You can take the AutoCAD Certified User exam or the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam. The Certified User exam is more basic and demonstrates your familiarity with functionality in drawing, editing and layout manipulation.  

The AutoCAD Certified Professional certification demonstrates more advanced knowledge of the program’s capabilities like dimensioning, manipulating and altering objects, hatching, annotations, printing and plotting.  

Who Can Take The Exams?  

Exams are administered by Autodesk, the company that develops AutoCAD software. Exams are a combination of multiple-choice questions and questions that require hands-on use of the software.  

Autodesk recommends that User candidates have 50 hours of experience using AutoCAD, as well as knowledge from a recent AutoCAD course. Certified Professional candidates should have taken a recent course and have 400 hours of experience.  

It is also recommended that candidates take a practice exam before paying for and taking the actual certification exam. Practice exams are inexpensive and can help you prepare for the pressure of the actual test and can help you see where you may need some more practice.  

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