How to Find Passive Candidates for Your Engineering Position

Whether the job market is in a state of boom or bust, it is challenging to recruit, hire and retain exceptional engineers. There is a well-documented shortage of engineering talent in the market which often makes it difficult to find your ideal candidates for open roles. If you are relying on traditional, reactionary methods of sourcing talent, you will always find yourself struggling to locate the right people. To fill critical positions, it is necessary to become proactive and deploy a passive job seeker recruiting strategy.  

Understand What Passive Candidates Want 

Convincing someone to make a career move when they are already employed can be a challenge. You have to understand what would motivate someone to invest the time to interview with you and make a change. However, every engineer is unique and you never know exactly what will motivate someone.  

Even though everyone has unique priorities, the most common motivators for passive talent are higher pay, career development, career advancement, work-life balance, and opportunities to work on exciting projects. Since you don’t know what specifically motivates a particular candidate, try to touch on all of these points when reaching out. 

Lean On A Strong Employer Brand  

Once you’ve caught the attention of a passive candidate, they will begin researching your company online. Passive engineering candidates have the time to dive deep into your organization to learn its history, profitability, reputation and more.  

Do you know what passive candidates will find when they begin their research? If you do not have a strong social media presence, an engaging website that showcases company culture, good reviews and a strong PR strategy, you’re not going to keep their interest. Focus on promoting exciting projects, showcasing the achievements of your employees and painting a picture that your organization is a great place to work.  

Prepare For A Marathon 

If you’re hoping to find a passive candidate for an immediate opening and you do not currently have a passive recruiting strategy in place, you likely won’t succeed. Passive recruiting is a long game that can require weeks if not months of relationship nurturing, so manage your expectations accordingly. 

Partner With An Expert Engineering Recruiting Firm  

Because passive recruiting is a long game, you can’t necessarily rely on that strategy to fill immediate openings. And if your internal HR and recruiting team is stretched thin, they may not have the time or resources to even begin to build a passive recruiting strategy.  

Fortunately, there is a way to tap into a robust passive candidate network immediately. Expert engineering recruiters come to the table with a pipeline of passive candidates ready to explore great new opportunities. Forming a partnership allows you to tap into that well-established network and effectively locate your ideal candidate.  

If you are looking for talented engineers who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you improve your hiring process.  




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