How To Manage Your IT Team Better

Managing an IT team isn’t quite the same as managing other teams in an organization. Technical projects are highly complex with many moving parts, IT teams are often pulled in multiple directions at the same time and it can be challenging to keep things running smoothly.

Here are tips on ways you can better manage your IT team today.  

Invest In Tthe Proper Resources  

The most talented tech professionals in the world cannot do their jobs well if they lack the proper tools and resources.  This can be challenging if organizational leaders are not on the same pages, so tech leaders should come to the table with a full analysis of ROI to help non-technical holders of the purse strings understand the benefit of investing in cutting-edge tools.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate  

If you have hired well, you should trust your team’s ability to perform. There is no reason why managers should stress over every single detail of a complex project. Know your own limitations and identify people who could remove some of those tasks from your plate. Delegation isn’t just about easing your own workload. It’s also about developing your team. There are employees who want more responsibility and who are ready to take it on, and delegation is a great way to start training up people who have advancement potential.  

Encourage And Reward Creative Problem-Solving  

The IT world is in a constant state of evolution and getting stuck in one specific way of doing things can hold your team and your company back. Encourage IT employees to think outside the box, stretch for creative ways to solve problems and innovate whenever they find an opportunity. When someone comes up with a new way to solve a problem, recognize and reward them. However, do not punish people who try something new and fail. Use it as a learning opportunity. Help the employee dissect what went wrong and use that information to build more effective solutions in the future.  

Invest In Your Top Performers 

It’s easy to ignore the employees who do well, who consistently overperform, and can be trusted to come through in every situation. Managers often spend the most time with employees who are struggling and leave good employees to their own devices. While you certainly do need to coach lower performers, it can be detrimental to ignore the people who don’t require as much support. Top performers may feel undervalued if you spend all your time with lower performers. Make sure to continually check in with your best employees, provide them with feedback, thank them for their contributions and reward their successes.  

Are You Building a Tech Team?  

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