Should We Remain A Remote-First Company?

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses into remote-only companies and it is estimated that at the height of shutdowns, half the American labor force was working from home. As states roll out measured reopening plans, many companies are wondering if they should attempt to go back to 100 percent onsite work or whether they should remain remote-first companies.  

Green Doesn’t Always Mean “Go” 

The first thing to consider when it comes to reopening is your state guidelines. Getting the green light to reopen your office doors doesn’t mean you are allowed to pack employees back in. Many states are limiting building occupancy to 20-30% capacity and communal areas of the office like breakrooms and even front desk waiting areas could be off-limits. 

You May Face Insurance Restrictions  

Insurers have been denying many coronavirus-related business claims and companies face increasing pressure to mitigate virus-related risk.  Filing claims if you return to work at full capacity could continue to be a challenge when insurance companies themselves are adopting permanent hybrid remote work models.  

Many Employees Don’t Mind Remote Work 

Some of your employees are probably itching to get back to the office. Working from home isn’t for everyone, especially if they are at home with a houseful of other people. However, many of your employees are probably happy to keep working from home. A recent Gallup poll showed that most people who are working from home want to keep it up after the crisis abates.  

The Crisis Accelerated A Trend  

Remote work was already growing at an exponential rate pre-crisis and stay-at-home orders only accelerated the process. Your business had to work through major challenges much faster than you would have otherwise had to as you engaged in an overnight shift to remote work. But you know you can do it now – and so do your employees. If you saw no dip in productivity, consider keeping the option open. 

Remote-First Can Save Money Long-Term 

By cutting back desk space in your office, you can save money on rent, real estate, utilities and more. Many employers are considering cutting back on physical space and making their offices more like co-work spaces than offices where everyone has their own desks. By limiting the number of people in the office at one time, you can control costs significantly

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