How to Choose the Best Blue Light Glasses for Your Tech Position 

Tech workers spend more time in front of screens than most Americans, and that means intense, prolonged exposure to blue light. Blue light has a tremendous impact on our sleep and eye health, and too much of that light throughout the day can disrupt sleep. 

Glasses that block blue light are a great way to help reduce eye strain, protect eye health and keep sleep patterns healthy. But how do you choose the best blue glasses for your tech position?  

Avoid Clear Lenses  

You may be tempted to choose glasses with clear lenses for fashion purposes, but they are not always the most effective at filtering blue light. Glasses with an amber tint block light of other colors while letting the light of similar color pass through.  Thus they absorb the blue light, preventing it from reaching the eye.  

They Should Block Both UVA and UVB Light  

Blue light disrupts sleep patterns and can harm eye health over the long term. But so does ultraviolet light. The more your eyes are exposed to UVA and UVB rays, the higher your risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and blindness. So, if you’re springing for a pair of blue light blocking lenses, you should also consider ultraviolet protection. 

Anti-Reflective Coating 

Anti-glare and anti-reflective coating isn’t just a cosmetic feature for photos. This type of coating actually helps further ease eye strain when combined with blue light filters. The layering of blue-light filtering coating and anti-reflective coating reduces over-stimulation in light-rich environments.  

Comfort And Fit 

You’ll be in your glasses a lot, so you want to spring for a pair that looks good on your face and are actually comfortable. There are many companies that produce blue-light blocking glasses that let you mail order several pairs to try for a few days and then choose the one you want. Take advantage of these options to find a pair that both looks good and functions well. Good glasses can be expensive, so always take your time when making a choice.  

Find A Job That Gives You Better Balance 

You can’t reduce screen time when your entire job is to look at screens all day, but you can find an IT job that gives you plenty of work-life balance so you can step away from work and recharge your eyes and your mind.  

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