How COVID-19 is Changing the Tech Industry Forever

The only thing certain about the impact of COVID-19 is that nothing is certain. We won’t know the full impact of the pandemic for months, if not years, but the world is already changing and those changes are impacting the tech industry in big waysKeep your eyes on these areas for some of the changes we will see in the field. 

Businesses Can’t Afford to Push Off Digital Transformation  

Companies that failed to prioritize digital transformation were jarred into action in 2020. Those companies struggled to pivot into remote-only workplaces and found themselves behind the proverbial eight ball. Moving forward, companies will prioritize fast, convenient and secure technology, and we will likely see significant investments in new tech moving forward. 

5G Will Likely Be Stalled 

Pre-pandemic, countries around the world were hitting the accelerator on 5G infrastructure. Thanks to the pandemic, those developments have ground to a halt, and re-starting them at the previous velocity could prove impossible for months if not years. Much of the 5G supply chain is based in China, and operations have been severely disrupted and orders have dropped significantly as cities across the globe have shifted their priorities to focus on public health and economic issues.  

Smartphone Development and Sales Will Stagnate 

With tens of millions of people out of work, buying the latest and greatest smartphone won’t be a priority for some time. And with global supply chains disrupted, companies wouldn’t be able to produce them quickly or cost-effectively, anyway. Smartphone sales through 2020 will drop significantly and projections for 2021 will be nearly impossible to calculate since no one knows when and how demand will rise and supply chains will recover.  

Medical Technology Will Change  

Americans will be thinking twice about going to the doctor until the pandemic is safely behind us, so telehealth will become incredibly important moving forward. Telehealth is not just convenient and safe, but it is also a way to provide access to doctors for more people, much more quickly. Watch for major advancements in telehealth delivery to improve connection, speed and accuracy.  

Digital Privacy Will Take a Hit 

Prior to 2020, there was a huge consumer demand to protect online privacy. Thanks to the pandemic, people are much more willing to forego that privacy in favor of public health and security. Lawmakers and tech leaders are pushing for aggressive digital tracking for people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, as fast tracing can help limit the spread. While the ethics of digital tracking will be hotly debated, history has shown that in times of crisis, privacy is often sacrificed.  

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