Virtual Communication Tips for Companies of Any Size

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You’ve heard for several years that remote work is the future of work. And in March 2020, due to a global pandemic, that future became the present. Remote work is now the norm, and even after stay-at-home orders are lifted and businesses are reopened, many companies will continue to embrace remote work, so it’s important to develop best practices now.  

The key to keeping dispersed teams together is effective communication. If you communicate well from the top down, it encourages effective communication between teams. Here are tips you can use for successful remote communication, no matter how large or small your company.   

Set up Communication Guidelines  

It helps employees to know which channel to use when they have a specific need or problem. Make sure employees understand the rules of each communication tool. When is it appropriate to use instant chat? When is it necessary to send an email instead? When do you need to pick up the phone and call someone? Guidelines give employees the tools to communicate effectively with their teams.  

Invest in The Proper Tools  

Practical remote work is only possible when employees have the tools to succeed. While there are free video and chat tools out there, the most effective tools will likely require a financial investment. Look for the best instant messaging tools, video conference tools, whiteboarding tools, project management tools, etc. As you research products, ask employees for input on the features they want to see in tools that will help them be more effective. 

Hold Video Meetings  

Conference calls are great, but video is much more effective for communicating with remote teams. Video lets people see one another’s faces and read body language. It can drastically reduce miscommunication and it helps build and maintain connections.  

Manage by Objective  

Micromanaging is always counterproductive and it can be even more so in a remote work setting. Give people goals to hit, help them tie those goals to the big picture, then let them do their work. Check in weekly to make sure people are on target, but always stay more focused on the end goal than the minutiae of every step in a process. 

Host Virtual Bonding Events 

Since remote teams can’t bond over lunch or at happy hour after work, create virtual opportunities for them to do so. You can host virtual lunches where people use their break to chit chat like they would in a lunchroom, host virtual happy hours on Fridays, etc. This lets people connect on a personal level and helps foster communication throughout the rest of the week.  

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