Most Innovative Ways to Attract Engineering Talent

Post a job. Wait for engineering candidates. Hope for the best.

If this is how you approach recruiting engineers, you’re probably struggling to attract great people. And yet, this is the approach most hiring managers still take in an environment where STEM talent is hard to find. If you want to attract top engineering talent, it’s time to rethink your approach so you can stand out from your competitors.

Show Them the Problems They Will Solve

Even if you don’t work on the world’s most exciting projects, your engineers solve complex problems every day. To attract top talent and identify candidates who are passionate about what you do, showcase some of the problems they will solve when they are hired. People want to know that their work makes a difference and has value, and being open about projects from the beginning can help you attract engineers who are ready to hit the ground running.

Introduce Great Candidates to The Team

Many companies wait until someone is hired to introduce them to the team they will be working with, but your employees can be a great tool throughout the recruiting process. Introduce top-tier candidates to team members early on. This will help those candidates picture what it will be like to work with the group, and it can help them form bonds faster when they are hired.

Ask Great Candidates What They Want

You can talk about compensation, perks, benefits, projects, etc., but unless you ask a candidate what his or her priorities are, you never really know if you’re hitting the right notes. When you identify top candidates, ask them what it is they want from their next opportunity. A bonus might not be worthwhile to someone who needs or wants more flexibility in their schedule – or vice versa. Be open about what you can and cannot deliver so candidates whose needs don’t align can self-select out and those whose needs and priorities do align will remain interested.

Use the 80/20 Rule

If you are unwavering in every one of your requirements for engineering candidates, no one will ever measure up. Instead, consider people with 80 percent of the skills to be qualified – especially if they have the soft skills and the drive to succeed. Skills can always be taught. Enthusiasm and emotional intelligence cannot.

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Engineers are busy professionals who have to take time away from work and/or family to interview for jobs. If they feel their time is being wasted by meetings that don’t begin on time, unplanned call-backs, lack of communication, deadlines that aren’t adhered to, etc., they will lose interest in your company quickly. Make sure your hiring process is as swift as possible while still remaining thorough, and communicate with top candidates throughout so that they know where things stand in the process.

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