Taking Advantage of the Tight Job Market as an IT Candidate

Unemployment for tech workers has been well below the national average for nearly a decade and each year the market gets even more competitive. Companies have been forced to work harder to attract and retain IT talent and salaries have been steadily increasing.  If you are an IT professional looking to grow your career, now is the time to take advantage of this tight market.

Ask For More Responsibility

If you want to advance your career in tech, now is a great time to ask for more responsibility at work. Asking for more responsibility shows you want to move up in your career and positions you as a team player. It can also work to your advantage out in the job market. Study where the skill and talent gaps are on your team and offer to plug them.

Ask For A Raise

A tight job market is a great time to ask for a raise -but only if you have been performing above expectations. Make a list of your achievements from the last year and make note of any extra responsibilities you took on. Make the case that you are contributing to the bottom line and deserve a bump.

Look For A New Job

Companies across the country are hungry for talented IT professionals. There are millions more job openings in tech than there are people to fill them. If you aren’t moving forward in your current job, if you’re not getting merit-based pay raises or if you are simply unhappy, it’s a great time to brush off your resume and seek new employment.

Negotiate Pay If You Get A Job Offer

If you do get a job offer, it’s a great idea to try to negotiate a bump in pay. Most companies will not retract an offer if you attempt to negotiate pay as long as your requests are realistic and you are negotiating in good faith. As long as you are reasonable, the worst they will say is no and the best-case scenario is that you get more than you bargained for. You don’t have to negotiate on salary, either. You can ask for additional vacation days, flex time or other perks within reason. Remember to be realistic so that you’re starting your employment off on the right foot.

Are You Looking for New IT Job Opportunities?

If you are a tech pro looking for new IT career opportunities, we invite you to contact PEAK Technical Consulting today. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


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