Attracting Top Engineering Talent in a Tight Hiring Market

Every engineering hiring manager knows that the hiring market is tight today. It’s easy to assume that the problem is just a lack of talent, but the fact is, great companies hire top engineering talent every day. The best engineers are currently working, and they aren’t scouring job boards looking for new opportunities. The good news? You can attract top engineering candidates in a tight hiring market, you just need to adopt the right strategies.  

Develop a Formal Employee Referral Program  

The best sources of engineering talent leads are sitting under your nose. Employee referrals save time and are more likely to be hired because your team member has already done the hard work for you. Employees only recommend colleagues who have the right skills and who they believe would thrive in your culture.  

However, employees need a reason to make a referral. Develop a program that rewards employees with cash when their referred candidate is hired and a second bonus after the employee hits a specific milestone like six months. The money you save in recruiting costs and the longterm ROI of great hires will outweigh cash bonuses you pay out for referrals.  

Streamline Your Hiring Process  

A slow process will always cost you candidates – especially in a tight hiring market. Talented, employed engineers don’t want to work for companies that drag their feet, require multiple, unplanned callbacks or are unresponsive for weeks at a time.  

First, evaluate your application process by going through it yourself from start to finish. How long does it take? Can you save your application and return to it later? Do you ask for personal information like Social Security numbers? Identify potential snags and make changes to ensure the process is fast and as simple as possible. 

Then, work on your interview and selection process. Stick to your timelines and stay in communication with great candidates so they aren’t left in the dark. Show up on time for interviews and don’t drag them out for hours at a time. Make sure every decision maker attends each interview and try to avoid unnecessary call-backs. Talented people will not tolerate their time being wasted, especially if other companies move faster, communicate more effectively and adhere to timelines.  

Get in Front of Potential Candidates 

You can’t expect top talent to come to your door – you have to go out and pursue people. Don’t choose the cheapest job boards – choose the most effective. Spend time on social media building connections with passive talent. Build your employer brand online and offline. Network in person at industry events and conferences and introduce your company to as many engineers as possible.  

Partner With a Recruiter  

If you are looking for talented engineers who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today. We are a national leader among engineering recruiting firms, and we look forward to helping you land top talent.



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