Should You Leave a Full-Time Job for Contract Work

What should you do if a recruiter offers you your dream job – but it’s only for a couple of months? Contract roles can be exciting and they can be a great way to accelerate your career, get out of a rut or simply try new things without making a full-time commitment. So, should you leave your engineering job for contract work?

What Is Contract Work? 

A contract position is a short-term position that employers use to fill gaps or holes in their workforce. Contract engineers are typically hired for special projects when employers need access to specific skill sets. Contract engineers are hired for a predetermined period, and during that time the engineers are an employee of the recruiting firm that placed them.

What To Ask Yourself When Weighing A Contract Position 

Making the leap from full-time employee to contractor is never easy but it does help to know what types of questions to ask a recruiter about a contract role:

  • How long is the contract?
  • Will I be a W2 employee of your recruiting firm?
  • Is this a contract-to-hire position?
  • What is the pay rate?
  • What happens when the contract is over?

Also, make your list of questions to ask your recruiter about the contract role. Since making the switch is such a big decision, you don’t want to leave any question unanswered.

Is Engineering Contracting Really A Good Idea? 

Making the switch to contracting can feel like a risk, but it’s important to think of the bigger picture:

  • Freedom and flexibility: Many engineers love contracting because they can take a few weeks off between projects to travel or simply recharge their batteries at home.
  • Variety: Contract engineers also like the variety of constantly working on new projects and working for a new employer every few months or years without being labeled a job hopper.
  • Scheduling: It can be scary not knowing what will happen after a contract ends, but a great engineering recruiting firm like PEAK can help you keep your schedule full, lining up another contract as one winds to a close.
  • Benefits: If you regularly book your contracts through a recruiting agency like PEAK, you can be eligible for benefits like health insurance and paid holidays – just like full-time employees.

Before leaving a full-time job for a contract position, always consider the pros against the cons to make your choice. Many contractors find that the advantages outweigh the risks – especially when they partner with an expert engineering recruiting firm like PEAK.

Are You Ready To Learn More About Contract Engineering Jobs? 

If you are ready to advance your contract engineering career and you want to partner with an expert recruiter, search our current engineering job openings or contact PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.


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